A Better Downtown For Lakeland?

January 22, 2019 | Ennis Davis, AICP

Inspired by Greenville, South Carolina and envisioning a better downtown, Lakeland, Florida's city leaders view existing surface parking as fertile ground for office, retail and additional multi-family housing. With this...

The Heart of Georgia: Macon

January 16, 2019 | Ennis Davis, AICP

The Sun Belt has seen substantial population growth since the 1960s from an influx of people seeking a warm and sunny climate, a surge in retiring baby boomers, and growing...

Top 20 Articles of 2018

December 31, 2018 | Ennis Davis, AICP

Modern Cities and the Jaxson covered a lot of ground in 2018. Today, we take a look at the 20 most popular articles of the year, ranked by number of...

Jacksonville's pitch for Amazon HQ2

December 15, 2017 | Ennis Davis

Like nearly every major metropolitan area in the country, Jacksonville is preparing to give up its goodies to land Amazon's coveted second headquarters. Here's a brief video highlighting the city's...

Memphis Wants To Shrink

February 13, 2017 | Mike Field

After decades of sprawl, Memphis begins to reconsider its growth pattern and chart a new course towards fiscal sustainability.

Outdoor Food Hall Opens in Miami

August 10, 2016 | Mike Field

While a 25,000 sq ft, multi-million dollar food hall recently opened after over a year in the making just blocks away, a similar concept had already activated a blighted lot...

Chelsey Goes to Seattle

March 9, 2015 | Ennis Davis

In preparation the 2016 American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Conference in Phoenix, AZ, we look back at a young planner's recollection of attending the conference for the first time...

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