Survey: Core 2 Coast Trail (South) proposed

The North Florida TPO is partnering with Duval County to determine the most feasible alignment for a continuous shared-use path (SUP), oftentimes referred to as a “trail,” to extend from the Fuller Warren bicycle-pedestrian bridge in the Riverside/San Marco area of Jacksonville to the beach communities on the eastern border of Duval County (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach). Learn more and share your ideas in our survey

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Trails and Shared-Use Paths

Trails are paved areas away from the roadway that are shared by all nonmotorized transportation modes, including walking, bicycles, skateboards, mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters) and even low-speed electrical devices like eBikes and electric scooters. Trail width varies but will be at least 10’ wide and typically between 12’ to 14’ wide. Examples within Duval County include the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail, the S-Line Trail, the Fuller Warren Path and Kernan Boulevard side path.

Not all urban trails look the same, but most are:

  • Designed to be safe and comfortable enough for trail users of all ages and abilities: the 8”-to-80” demographic
  • Paved )not natural ground): typically with asphalt or concrete
  • 12’-14’ wide: width can vary by location

The recently completed LaVilla Link is an example of an urban trail.

The Importance of Urban Trails in Cities:

Urban trails offer many benefits to residents and visitors because they:

Provide those biking, walking and wheeling what is generally accepted as the most comfortable and safest infrastructure for nonmotorized travel Provide public spaces for people to meet, interact and enjoy active transportation Provide access to employment centers, retail, public parks, health services and other essential services Support improved air quality by reducing short vehicle trips that produce carbon emissions.

The Fuller Warren Bridge shared use path is an example of an urban trail.

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