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What does "gentrification" really mean?

Kea Wilson of Strong Towns ( explores gentrification. No two people seem to quite agree on what the word “gentrification” means. If you’re at all interested in what shapes our cities, you’re bound to find yourself in a conversation about gentrification eventually—and...

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Moncrief prepares to lose its food desert status

A long time Jacksonville food desert could be going away if the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporation (CDC) has it their way. Founded in 2001, the mission of the CDC is to revitalize Northwest Jacksonville through education, housing rehabilitation, and economic development. With this...

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72 hours on foot in Havana, Cuba

Modern Cities visits a city established as a strategic location for the Spanish conquest of the Americas during the 16th century: Havana, Cuba.

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A photographic tour of Downtown San Diego

Modern Cities' Ennis Davis takes readers on a photographic tour of Downtown San Diego.

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What If The Corner Store Was A Gathering Place?

Chicago-based Foxtrot looks to expand their new convenience store concept with a nationwide roll-out.

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Before & After Placemaking: Albania's Pazari i Ri

A before and after look at the recent transformation of Tirana, Albania's Pazari i Ri.

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Leading entertainment cities from various perspectives

As the globe becomes a much smaller place thanks to greatly improved transport and connections between locations in different continents, destinations around the world are competing fiercely for tourist dollars, aiming to offer unique and unforgettable entertainment experience for their visitors. We...

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New York Judge Rules Graffiti Is Protected Public Art

Landmark judgement results in $6.7 million in damages awarded to 21 graffiti artists for destroyed murals.

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Nassau: Perfect Destination for Bahamas Beach Vacation

Perched beneath a palm tree, feet buried in sparkling sand and a fruity concoction of a cocktail in your hand. And yes, there is a little pink umbrella in your drink, too. It’s the quintessential image of tropical paradise, and nowhere on Earth is it more alive than in the Bahamas.

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Reimagining The Gas Station Of The Future

If electric vehicles are the future of transportation, can gas stations be re-imagined into centers promoting exercise and healthy eating?

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