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12 restaurant chains you loved that don't exist anymore

One thing we learn in life is that businesses come and go. Even the places once thought to be large enough to last forever. Here's 12 popular North American restaurant chains that did not stand the test of time.

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Housing Affordability? Blame Millennials

Data shows that homeownership rates for people under 35 have dropped by 21 percent since 2004, and this under participation by millennials is causing problems in the housing market.

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How Amazon Is Expanding Brick and Mortar Presence

E-commerce giant Amazon doesn't think brick and mortar retailing is dead, and has been slowly growing a fleet of physical stores. While the company's acquisition of Whole Foods has grabbed headlines, the company's physical footprint has reached beyond grocery sales and these efforts could dramatically...

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Rabble: Investing in Urban Revitalization in Detroit

A new innovative crowd investment project promising to stimulate grassroots revitalization in inner city Detroit is born. Could this concept be an applicable solution for the revitalization of similar urban environments nationwide?

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A Hurricane's Impact on Houston Commercial Real Estate

Hurricane Harvey's impact on Houston's commercial real estate market is substantial. 27% of Houston’s gross leasable area may be flooded today, representing an estimated $55 billion in property value.

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Hurricane Irma activates Jacksonville's riverfront

Seeking shelter from Hurricane Irma, the First Coast shrimping and fishing fleet brings a little nostalgia back to the days when downtown Jacksonville was known as being an active working waterfront.

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How Governments Outlaw Affordable Housing

The production of housing is one of the most regulated and micro-managed industries in the industrialized world, and attempting to meet the needs of renters and buyers continues to be guided by the prerogatives of land-use laws instead of a response to market demand.

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Macy’s Looking To Monetize Unused Parking Lots

Struggling retailer sees opportunities to improve shopping experience by activating empty parking lots.

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The Next Baby Boom: Urban Millennials with Children

Affordable urban living for millennial families with children has the potential to become one of the largest market demands in the near future.

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Top 5 Retail Shopping Center Trends

As the face of retail continues to evolve, tremendous opportunity exists for out-of-the-box concepts and creative retail strategies.

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