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South Shores: A historic neighborhood near its end?

Just outside downtown Jacksonville, a historic neighborhood's days may be coming to an end, due to the impact of flooding and sea level rise.

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Can You Believe What They Did With Shipping Containers?

The shipping container: an incredible tool to revitalize neighborhoods and urban centers.

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5 Disastrous Urban Renewal Failures

While urban renewal was primarily a mid-20th century phenomenon that decimated the cores of America's cities, here's a few disastrous failures that have occurred over the last 30 years.

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Brickell City Centre: The Mall of the Future?

If you believe malls are going away, it may be time to reconsider that opinion. Here's a mall designed with 21st century consumer trends in mind.

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Two Simple Sentences Could Reshape Suburban America

An obscure ordinance published by the Department of Commerce in 1928 has had arguably the largest affect on how U.S. cities are developed. But a new, simple, two-sentence subdivision ordinance could actually result in much better places, and much better cities.

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Coastal Carolina: Our Irma Retreat

Hurricane Irma resulted in millions of Floridians fleeing the state. Here's a look into a trip to South Carolina's low country by Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC.

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Five ways to make a suburb more walkable

Rob Steuteville, Editor-in-Chief of the Build a Better Burb, highlights the striking transformation of South Miami into a vibrant pedestrian friendly district, while identifying five revitalization concepts that may be applicable to your community.

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Atlanta Creates A Better Zoning Sign

Seeking to create more clarity and public engagement on planning and zoning matters, the Atlanta Department of City Planning teamed up with the branding firm Matchstic to redesign the often overlooked Public Notice sign. The results are nothing short of amazing.

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Walkable Florida: Winter Park

Central Florida isn't nationally known for being walkable and multimodal friendly. However, that doesn't mean that vibrant pockets of walkability don't exist. Just one commuter rail stop north of Downtown Orlando, Winter Park is a pedestrian friendly node worth setting aside some extra time to explore.

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Before and After: Clay County Suburbia

When I-295 opened in 1970, Clay County was home to 32,059 residents. Today, an estimated 208,311 reside in the rapidly growing county just outside of Jacksonville. Here's a visual before and after comparison of the county's transformation into a bedroom community of Jacksonville.

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