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Before and After: Tallahassee's Gaines Street

It can be argued that the revitalization of Gaines Street has been one of the most rapid corridor transformations in recent Florida history.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The New Urban Crisis

Melissa Hege of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning highlights Miami's new urban crisis.

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Two Simple Sentences Could Reshape Suburban America

An obscure ordinance published by the Department of Commerce in 1928 has had arguably the largest affect on how U.S. cities are developed. But a new, simple, two-sentence subdivision ordinance could actually result in much better places, and much better cities.

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Exploring White Oak Conservation

Located on the banks of the St. Marys River in Nassau County, White Oak Conservation is an internationally known premiere wildlife conservation facility 30 miles north of Jacksonville. The facility, which encompasses 700 of 16,000 acres on White Oak Plantation, was originally established by philanthropist...

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Could Savannah Lose Historic District Designation?

The National Park Service (NPS) recently commissioned a study to assess the integrity and condition of the Savannah National Historic Landmark District. That report recommends the district be categorized as “threatened.”

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Tampa's Waterfront To Feature Shipping Container Park

A new food-based destination is popping up on the Tampa Riverwalk.

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Off the beaten path: Kraft Azalea Garden

Located off the beaten path, Kraft Azalea Garden is the type of public space that the average visitor to Central Florida may not realize exists. Located on the shore of Lake Maitland, the secluded and unique 5.22-acre park is said to be Winter Park's secret garden.

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Rehabilitating Suburbia: Maitland

It's one thing to talk about turning a suburban area into a walkable district. It's another thing to see the transformation actually happening. Here's a look at what's currently taking place along US 17/92, in the northern Orange County suburbs of Orlando.

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The Invisible Hand That Designed Your City

Years of subtle changes to land use and zoning have slowly become the invisible forces that shape our behavior, whether we realize it or not.

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Curbs Have The Power To Transform Cities

Don’t curb your enthusiasm. Curbsides– yes, curbs – have the power to transform cities.

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