5 Resources for Ending Parking Minimums

Whether you're a city staffer, nonprofit leader or just a strong citizen who cares, there's something you can do to advocate for an end to parking minimums in your town. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Implement one or more of these 4 steps to squash the “there’s no parking” argument. Follow these easy steps to start combating the perception of a shortage of parking supply in your downtown or neighborhood. They might not solve the problem overnight, but they act as a visual display of advocacy that people can relate to.

A simple map of existing parking supply can be easily created using Google Earth and MS Paint. This map depicts off-street surface parking lots and parking garages in downtown St Paul, MN. Image Credit: Nathaniel Hood, courtesy Star Tribune

2. Check out these examples of ordinances that remove parking minimums. Then explore our national map of towns that have gotten rid of parking minimums to see the progress being made on this issue across the country.

A list of decreased parking requirements from the town of Decatur, GA