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Updated renderings for JTA's transit center

With the relocated Greyhound terminal nearing completion, the JTA is moving forward with the second phase of its long proposed Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center.

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Americans Drove 32 Billion More Miles In 2017

Americans are driving farther and longer than ever before.

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Orlando Experiments With Temporary Road Diets

City of Orlando using temporary interventions to study long-term enhancements to pedestrian and bike infrastructure.

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A Dutch 'Shared Street' Is Coming To Miami

Miami's Wynwood neighbourhood is set to construct a Dutch 'woonerf'.

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The Cities Trading In Buses For Ride-Hailing Services

Two cities are trading in buses in favor of privately-owned and operated rideshare vans. What are they hoping to get out of it?

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It's Time for Some Real Talk on JTA's Skyway Plans

Local transit advocates were thrilled when the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) embarked on a mission to finally upgrade Downtown's long-suffering Skyway. But anticipation for what is being called the Ultimate Urban Circulator, or "U2C", is quickly melting as questions arise about its ability...

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Zagster partners for suburban bike share

The days of believing bike share programs can only work in urbanized areas with significant bike infrastructure may be coming to an end as Florida's St. Lucie County partners with Zagster to launch suburban bike sharing system.

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Lyft Announces Entrance Into Bike Share In Baltimore

Lyft has entered into a partnership with Baltimore Bike Share, on the heels of Uber's entrance into the San Francisco bike-share market.

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Uber Now In Bike-Sharing Business

Ride-hailing service Uber is piloting a new venture in San Francisco alongside dockless bike-sharing startup Jump.

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Miami doubling down on rapid transit

Autonomous vehicles replacing fixed transit may be on the minds of many in the transportation world but that's not stopping cities from upgrading and building around their transit lines. Here's a brief look at Miami-Dade County's new sleek Metrorail trains.

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