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Modern Cities partners with WJCT to launch The Jaxson

The creators of Modern Cities, in association with WJCT Public Broadcasting, are launching The Jaxson, a new website dedicated to urbanism and culture on Florida’s First Coast.

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Top 100 US Cities Ranked By 2017 Population

The Census Bureau recently released their 2017 estimates for the country's largest cities. Here's a look at the latest numbers for the country's largest 100 cities. Find out where your city falls on the list!

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103 floors above the Second City: Chicago

A look at Chicago, home of the world's first skyscraper, from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

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Liberty Public Market: From Navy Mess Hall to Food Hall

From downtown urban areas to suburban shopping malls and strip centers, food halls are continuing to thrive within the communities they serve. Here's a look at the transformation of a former Naval mess hall into a food hall in San Diego.

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A view from above: St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

In Chicago for an Alfred Benesch & Company (Benesch) Emerging Leaders Leadership Development Program, Modern Cities' Ennis Davis takes a look at one of the country's most famous St. Patrick's Day celebrations from above.

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Starbucks Targeting Stores In Minority Neighborhoods

Starbucks is launching a long-term effort to create local jobs, provide training opportunities for youth and invest in local minority-owned businesses.

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The Salvation Army Is Opening Affordable Grocery Stores

Salvation Army grocery stores to open across the United States to provide lower income families with better access to healthy foods.

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Florida Public Utilities moving to Wildlight

Energy provider to relocate Florida headquarters to Nassau County community.

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5 chains possibly headed for bankruptcy in 2018

5 major chains likely to close stores or file for bankruptcy in 2018.

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Top 25 Modern Cities Articles of 2017

The top 25 most popular Modern Cities articles of 2017 by number of views.

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