The interesting architectural works of Gene Leedy

November 29, 2017

Sometimes called Sarasota Modern, the Sarasota School of Architecture is a modern style of architecture embracing Florida's climate that came to prominence following the end of World War II.

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Gene Leedy is one of the pioneers of Sarasota Modern. Born on February 6, 1928 in Isaban, West Virginia, Leedy resided in Sarasota after studying architecture at the University of Florida. Installed into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 1992, Leedy has become well known for his unique use of precast concrete in his modern designed structures. Many of his works can be found in Winter Haven, a Central Florida city with a population of 39,000 where he opened his architectural practice in 1954.

1. Winter Haven Area Chamber of Commerce

401 Avenue B NW
Year Built 1990

2. Haven Place Condominiums

523 Avenue B NW
Year Built 1983

3. McElroy Office Building

700 6th Street NW
Year Built 1960

4. Leedy Architectural Office

444 Avenue G NW
Year Built 1961

5. Kaylor Law Office

525 Avenue G NW
Year Built 1987

6. Garden Center

713 3rd Street NW
Year Built 1965

7. Winter Haven City Hall

451 3rd Street, NW
Year Built 1960

8. Ellison Residence

1602 8th Street SE
Year Built 1963

9. Colonial Bank
(fka Commerce Bank of Central Florida)

141 East Central Avenue
Year Built 1990

10. Neurology & Neurosurgery Associates
(aka Taxdal Medical Center)

50 2nd Street SE
Year Built 1986

11. Central Florida MRI

180 Avenue A SE
Year Built 1990

12. Weaving/Thomasson Residence

1517 Drexel Avenue
Year Built 1957

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