6 mega trends and the future of bicycling in NE Florida

Andy Clarke, of the Toole Design Group team, recently made a presentation at the North Florida Bicycle Club (NFBC) called 'Six Mega Trends and the future of Bicycling in Northeast Florida.' Here’s a summary of the main points, courtesy of the City of Jacksonville.

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<h1>Six Megatrends</h1>

By Andy Clarke, of the Toole Design Group Team

My bank card finally has a chip in it. Now I can visit my native England without having to apologize as I hand over a credit card that requires swiping – I might as well have been presenting travelers checks. Yes, I can remember travelers checks and life before ATMs. We live in a rapidly changing world, and at the monthly NFBC meeting in May I talked about more big societal shifts ahead and what they might mean for bicycling in North Florida.

<h1>1. The death of retail. </h1>

There are dramatic changes in bricks and mortar retail as on-line shopping and home delivery services continue their explosive growth nationwide. Failing department stores and clothing companies that anchored malls and strip shopping centers for decades are disappearing fast and dragging places like Regency Center Mall with them. There are two big implications for bicycling: first, a lot of developed land is going to be re-purposed and we have a chance to make sure walkable, bike-friendly neighborhoods are a big part of that re-purposing. Second, bike shops – which are essential for repairs, connections, and community – need to know that their future is inextricably tied to two more mega-trending words: “amenity” and “experience”. Bike club members need to support, i.e. shop in, their local bike shop and help them become a community center for bicycling where you can also get your bike fixed, while sipping a cappuccino and reading the European racing results on your tablet.