Urban Trails: Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard

Paralleling Hillsborough Bay south of downtown Tampa, Bayshore Boulevard's sidewalk is considered to the country's longest continuous sidewalk.

A part of Tampa’s Greenway trail since 1989, Bayshore Boulevard is a four-lane divided road that runs 4.5 miles along Hillsborough Bay between Ballast Point and the mouth of the Hillsborough River in Downtown Tampa. It’s 10-foot wide sidewalk, characterized by a 1920s Beaux Arts style balustrade, is said to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the country.

The boulevard was established during the early 1890s when Chester W. Chapin established a trolley car system to connect to a pleasure ground at Ballast Point Pavilion. During the 20th century, a series of roadway improvement and landscaping projects have resulted in the boulevard and sidewalk being one of urban Tampa’s most picturesque scenes. The continuous sidewalk runs from West Gandy Boulevard to the Carl D. Brorein Bridge in Downtown Tampa.

West Gandy Boulevard to West Bay to Bay Boulevard

Between West Gandy Boulevard and West Bay to Bay Boulevard, Bayshore Boulevard travels through the neighborhood of Bayshore Beautiful. Officially bounded by Gandy Boulevard, Bayshore Boulevard, Himes Avenue, and El Prado Street, Bayshore Beautiful is known for its residential architecture and shopping district along South MacDill Avenue.