A look at the streets of Old San Juan

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, this article captures the sights and scenes in the oldest neighborhood of Puerto Rico's largest city: Old San Juan

Established in 1509 and named for John the Baptist, San Juan was originally used by the Spanish as the first stopover in the Americas. Covering 47.9 square miles of land area, San Juan is home to nearly 400,000 residents. More than 2.35 million reside within San Juan’s metropolitan area.

This photo series captures street scenes from the oldest section of the city, known as Old San Juan or the “old city”. In 1898, the Treaty of Paris was signed, resulting in Spain ceding Puerto Rico to the United States.

Jacksonville and JAXPORT are historic trade partners with the capital of Puerto Rico, accounting for 90 percent of the goods shipped to and from the mainland and the island. Also Jacksonville’s largest trade partner, San Juan was declared a sister city in October 2009.