Sights and scenes: Bronzeville

A brief walk through a revitalizing historic Black neighborhood business district in Columbus, OH: Bronzeville

About Bronzeville

After World War I, the Great Migration and restrictive housing covenants led to Bronzeville becoming the most populated African American neighborhood in Columbus. Located just east of Downtown Columbus, between the 1930s and 1960s, Bronzeville’s Long Street emerged as a shopping, entertainment and dining destination for the Black community.

However, the district fell into decline with the construction of Interstate 71 in 1962. In the 21st century, the City of Columbus has partnered with community organizations and associations, with a focus on the revitalization of the neighborhood and the Long Street business district. Here is a visual

The King-Lincoln District entrance arch at East Long Street.

The Long Street Bridge and Cultural Wall was completed in 2014 as a part of the reconstruction of Downtown Columbus’ I-71/670 interchange. Including a mural honoring the history of the neighborhood, the project was funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation and intended to better connect the neighborhood back with Downtown Columbus.

A portion of the Long Street Bridge is designed as a temporary park that will support a future infill mixed-use building when the market can support its development.

What the Waffle at 695 East Long Street.

The intersection of East Long Street and Hamilton Avenue.

During its heyday, the Lincoln Theatre was a nationally recognized hotspot for jazz. The theatre originally opened in 1928 as The Ogden Theatre. Following desegregation, the theatre closed its doors during the early 1970s. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992, the theatre was reopened in 2009 as a performing arts venue.

Adelphi Quarter is a $20 million mixed-use infill development that was completed in 2021. The 130-unit project, with 9,000-square-feet of retail space, at 818 East Long Street was co-developed by Borror and Kingsley & Company.

The patio of Wave’s Bar & Kitchen at Adelphi Quarter.

Biscuits by Daddy on East Long Street.