Florida's Higher-Speed Rail TOD Takes Shape

Florida will soon feature one of the most advanced passenger rail systems in the United States. While the concept of higher-speed passenger rail in Florida has made national headlines, the fact that AAF is also developing dynamic mobility-centric urban centers of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around its stations is a noteworthy topic in its own right.


Jacksonville Intermodal Station (JAXIS)

According to AAF President and Chief Development Officer Michael Reininger, the minute they’re in service, the new railroad line will be looking for ways to expand and enlarge its services. The two most desirable cities for potential expansion are Jacksonville and Tampa. Quietly, back in May 2014, AAF Jacksonville Segment LLC, was created to confirm AAF’s rights to run passenger rail on the Florida East Coast Railway line between Cocoa and Jacksonville.

If the rail system does expand into Jacksonville, it will most likely become an additional transit mode at an impressive downtown intermodal center already in the works. With $40 million already in hand, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority plans to start construction on the Jacksonville Intermodal Station (JAXIS) in January 2017. When complete in 2019, JAXIS will include new administrative offices for the JTA and terminals for local buses, the Flyer BRT system, the JTA Skyway and Greyhound. Located across the street from old Jacksonville Terminal and FEC tracks, a future phase includes the return of intercity and commuter rail lines. In the meantime, the JTA and Downtown Investment Authority are teaming up to develop a master development plan for the surrounding LaVilla neighborhood.

Perspective renderings of the JAXIS

Elevations of the JAXIS

Proposed JAXIS floor plans