Florida's Higher-Speed Rail TOD Takes Shape

Florida will soon feature one of the most advanced passenger rail systems in the United States. While the concept of higher-speed passenger rail in Florida has made national headlines, the fact that AAF is also developing dynamic mobility-centric urban centers of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around its stations is a noteworthy topic in its own right.


AAF’s only station outside of a city’s central business district will be located in Orlando. Anticipated to open in late 2017, the Orlando station will be located in the Orlando International Airport’s South Intermodal Center (ITC). When complete, the ITC will connect Brightline’s trains with SunRail (commuter rail) and an Automated People Mover serving the airport’s North Terminal. To gain access to the Orlando market, new track is being added between Orlando and FEC’s line in Cocoa.

Orlando International Airport Station renderings

Orlando International Airport Station July 2016 Construction Images