Florida's latest urban park: Bonnet Springs Park

Completed in late October 2022, Downtown Lakeland's Bonnet Springs Park is a $110 million public space funded one hundred percent through donations from local businesses, organizations and residents. The park was developed on the site of a Seaboard Coast Line rail yard that operated between 1906 and 1982. Bonnet Springs Park is a great example for groups seeking to improve public spaces in their respective cities, neighborhoods and communities.

Nature Playground Center

Kiwanis Cares for Kids Treehouse

Event Center

The Event Center is home to the Citizens Bank & Trust Ballroom, Maya & Wesley Beck Patio, and George W. Jenkins Outdoor Kitchen.

Harrell Family Botanical Gardens

The Harrell Family Botanical Gardens include the Bayer Sight Garden and Radiology and Imaging Specialist Taste Garden, and Barnett Sound Garden.

Harrell Family Greenhouse

Givewell Community Foundation Nature Center

The Boathouse