Jacksonville's hidden urban creeks - McCoys Creek

Wouldn’t it be great to explore the wilderness a stone’s throw from the center of one of the biggest cities in Florida? It’s possible, but you have to embrace a little adventure because there is currently not public space along this beautiful pocket of nature. In honor of June being Great Outdoors Month, Scott Gann of the Bold Cities Project shares the sights and scenes of McCoys Creek.

McCoys Creek Photo Tour

McCoys Creek underneath I-95 with vegetation growing over the bulkheads

An open section of McCoys Creek with plenty of greenery on the banks

The bank of McCoys Creek, showing significantly less trash than the more urban Hogans Creek

One of multiple pipes crossing McCoys Creek. This particular one is elevated while others are closer to the surface of the water

A brightened image of the culvert allowing McCoys Creek to pass under the parking lot of the Florida Times Union Building (including my arm and paddle in the shot)

A view of the Southbank from just under the entrance to the culvert under the Florida Times Union parking lot for McCoys Creek

A view from the St. Johns River of the connection to McCoys Creek, passing under the elevated Riverwalk. The culvert passes in between the Florida Times Union office building and old printing factory

Pipes crossing McCoys Creek horizontally without a clear purpose

A train passing by McCoys Creek on its way to cross the St. Johns River

A map of the journey along the southeastern portion of McCoys Creek. The western portion was covered with too much vegetation to travel through

Article by Scott Gann and the Bold Cities Project. Gann is a student at the University of Florida and lifelong Jacksonville resident