Abandoned Florida: Riverside Motel & St.Mary’s Liquors

Abandoned Florida takes a look inside of Nassau County's long forgotten Riverside Motel and St. Mary's Liquors.

In 1993, Nellie Olfort went missing. The Olforts owned large tracts of land behind their business and according to locals, Knud would not allow law enforcement on his property to search for her. Without his help, the case went cold. Years later, many offers came his way including one from a movie studio who offered to fix up the property in exchange to shoot some scenes there, but they were all refused. Knud’s unwillingness to help in the search for his wife nor allowing anyone on his property led many to believe that he had something to do with her disappearance.

Following his death in 1997, the property was given over to Nellie’s sister, Lena Christian. It wasn’t until September 11, 1999, when the Navy was performing diving exercises in the St. Mary’s River when Nellie’s car was found at the bottom, her skeletal remains still strapped to her car seat.

The property hasn’t changed much since then. Fading letters can be seen along the side of the liquor store which read “WHISKEY” and “SOUVENIRS”. Beds are still made and Bibles can still be found on nightstands. The old sign off the side of the highway which once read “RIVERSIDE MOTEL” still points passersby to the derelict structures.

Article and photographs courtesy of Bullet at Abandoned Florida.

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