Built to Flood: Houston's Buffalo Bayou Walk

As the City of Jacksonville and Groundwork Jacksonville embark on a long dreamed plan to build greenways along McCoys and Hogans Creeks, Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park Trail is one worth paying close attention too. Built to flood, it has become one of the most popular urban trail systems in the American South.

Allen’s Landing

Allen’s Landing is considered to be the birthplace of Houston. Situated between the Main Street and Fannin Street viaducts, Allen’s Landing is located at Buffalo Bayou’s confluence with White Oak Bayou. It was the original home of the Port of Houston in 1841.

Looking west towards the Travis Street viaduct

The Milam Street viaduct

Under the intersection of Franklin and Louisiana streets

Sesquincentennial Park

Located in the heart of Houston’s Theater District, Sesquincentennial Park is a 22-acre park along Buffalo Bayou that was spearheaded by BBP and Central Houston.

Sesquincentennial Park’s George Bush Monument was completed in 2004.

Looking towards Prairie Street.

The Cascade at The Wortham Theater Center in Downtown Houston’s Theater District.

The Downtown Aquarium-Houston is one of many attractions along Buffalo Bayou’s trail system through Central Houston.

Downtown Houston’s Wortham Theater Center.

Looking towards Interstate 45 as it passes over Memorial Parkway. The rear of Bayou Place can be seen on the left. Bayou Place is a 130,000-square-foot entertainment complex that houses multiple theaters, bars, and restaurants. The structure was originally built as the Albert Thomas convention center during the late 1960s. It was renovated into a Bayou Place in 1987 after the opened of the much larger George R. Brown Convention Center on the other side of downtown.