Lakeland: Two decades after the road diets

In recent years, the concepts of complete streets, right-sizing streets and traffic calming have taken the transportation planning industries and cities across the country by storm. If you live in a municipality that still questions the economic impact these concepts can have on your community, look no further than the implementation of Lakeland, Florida's 1990 Downtown Redevelopment Plan.

Main Street (former westbound Business US 92)

During the mid-20th century, Main Street became the westbound one-way corridor for Business US 92. Much of its initial streetscaping took place in the early phases of the downtown redevelopment plan. Around 2001, the former 3-lane one-way street was converted into a two-way corridor.

Main is anchored by the Lakeland Terrace Hotel. In 1994, the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority paid $300,000 to purchased the vacant 1920s tower. In 1996, the tower was sold for $150,000 to facilitate a $7 million renovation after being vacant for six years. In 1997, it reopened as a boutique historic hotel with 73 guest rooms and 15 guest suites.

Inside the lobby of the Lakeland Terrace Hotel

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