Wildlight: New urbanism's answer to lowcountry living?

Is it possible to create a community combining the best elements of Lowcountry southern living, cuisine and architecture with industry and New Urbanism? This major timber company believes so.

Wildlight: Mixing Lowcountry Living with New Urbanism

Village Conceptual Renderings

Today, Rayonier is a leading timberland real estate investment trust that owns, leases or manages approximately 2.7 million acres of timberlands in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand. With its vast amount of land holdings in the area, Rayonier has embarked on a new adventure combining Lowcountry architecture and sense of place with New Urbanism. Located 20 miles north of downtown Jacksonville, Raydient Places + Properties, the professional real estate services subsidiary of Rayonier Inc., is transforming 2,900 acres of former timberland into a mixed-use, master planned community called Wildlight.

Wildlight Village Center Plan master plan

INTRODUCING WILDLIGHT, TRUE FLORIDA LOWCOUNTRY LIVING SAY “HI” TO THE FLORIDA LOWCOUNTRY North of Jacksonville, where miles of live oak and pine are punctuated by undulating rivers and tidal marshes, we’re doing something really new and a whole lot of fun. We’re creating a community called Wildlight in the middle of a natural playground. It’s going to be a place where the wildlight of curiosity is encouraged rather than hushed up; where play is part of every day (whether that’s riding a bike, launching a start-up or making a “woo-hoo!” serendipitous discovery); and where the natural world is…well, a natural part of life. In Wildlight, people will appreciate being part of a real community filled with social and physical activity, exploration and creativity; where connecting with neighbors, family and friends is—hey—just the way it is. Wildlight unabashedly embraces the wildlight of Florida Lowcountry style and vernacular. From North Carolina to North Florida, all of Coastal Lowcountry has been shaped by the tides of time and shares a distinctive geography, culinary culture and warm Southern hospitality. But Florida Lowcountry is more casual, comfortable and happily downhome than what’s up north. Life here has a real easy flow with just a little loco thrown in. (And yes, that’s why we grin when we call it FLoco!)

source: https://www.wildlight.com/