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Startup Fronts Down Payment If You Rent Room On Airbnb

Want to buy a house but can't afford the down payment? This startup offers assistance... with a catch.

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Silicon Valley Looks To Kill The Corner Store

New startup is either a disruptive technology that will forever change the corner store, or yet another example of Silicone Valley looking to gentrify neighborhoods- depending on who you ask.

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Bartram Park: A suburban millennial paradise?

Despite well publicized excitement about downtown revitalization, young adults are fueling rapid growth in suburban areas like Bartram Park across the country. Is it by choice, or necessity?

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What does "gentrification" really mean?

Kea Wilson of Strong Towns ( explores gentrification. No two people seem to quite agree on what the word “gentrification” means. If you’re at all interested in what shapes our cities, you’re bound to find yourself in a conversation about gentrification eventually—and...

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Placemaking, We've Got this Miami

Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC. highlights the power of placemaking.

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A Glimpse of the Motor City's Renaissance

50 Years have passed since the 1967 Detroit riot. While the movie rehashing that pivotal moment in the city's history gets all the press over the next few weeks, Downtown Detroit continues to rapidly change right before our eyes.

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A Tale of Two Zip Codes

When it comes to our health, our zip code matters more than our genetic code. For many communities across the United States, easy access to healthy food options, parks for exercise, and good schools determines quality & length of life. The California Endowment’s 10-year Building Healthy Communities...

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Exploring Montréal as a Next City Vanguard

Ennis Davis, AICP of Modern Cities provides a review of Next City's 2017 Vanguard Conference in Montréal and suggests what it could mean for cities of the future.

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Sarasota: Where urban amenities meet small town living

Situated one hour south of Tampa, Sarasota is generally overlooked but continues to quietly retrofit itself into a bonafide walkable Sunbelt city. In fact, the city with 14.89 square miles of land area, has grown more in the last five years than it did in the previous thirty. Here's a few sights and...

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Raleigh: One of America's Fastest Growing Downtowns

Raleigh: An In-Depth Look at One of America's Fastest Growing Downtowns

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