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Three solutions to turn around aging urban districts

Modern Cities shares a Spring 2017 presentation by Ennis Davis, AICP to the board of City Beautiful Jax, highlighting a few cost effective options for stimulating market rate economic development in historic neighborhoods.

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Norfolk: A city that's definitely growing again!

37 photographs and captions illustrating the 21st century renaissance of Norfolk, Virginia.

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How to Get By-Right Zoning Right

By-Right Zoning seen as a critical strategy to help solve the affordable housing crisis, offering a streamlined approval process for developers. However, By-Right Zoning also acts as a better way to regulate walkable neighborhoods in the face of critically flawed conventional zoning policies.

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Massive privately funded park underway in Lakeland

By 2020, an abandoned railyard on the edge of downtown Lakeland will be transformed into a 160-acre urban green oasis by a group of local philanthropists.

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Infrastructure as Permaculture

Can our paved grid of roads and sidewalks evolve into an ecology of functions that benefit both residents and the environment?

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The (Place) Doctor Will See You Now

How a small town in Oregon used a data-driven, analytical approach towards putting policies in place to increase their economic and environmental resiliency.

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Gentrification: A perspective from a long time resident

This article by Dr. Tim Gilmore of explores the redevelopment of Jacksonville's Brooklyn neighborhood from the perspective of long time resident Les Paul Garner.

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Gainesville Turns Abandoned Industrial Hub Into Park

Gainesville turns contaminated land into a contemporary public greenspace to serve as the city's “Central Park".

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From Parking Lot To World-Class Public Space In Tulsa

The George Kaiser Family Foundation shares the story of Guthrie Green: an amazing transformation of a contaminated truck loading facility in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma into a vibrant urban park that showcases the best of modern-day “green” technology.

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5 Resources for Ending Parking Minimums

Whether you're a city staffer, nonprofit leader or just a strong citizen who cares, there's something you can do to advocate for an end to parking minimums in your town. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

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