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Autopsy of Architecture: Where trolleys go to die?

Autopsy of Architecture: Where trolleys go to die and live again.

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6 mega trends and the future of bicycling in NE Florida

Andy Clarke, of the Toole Design Group team, recently made a presentation at the North Florida Bicycle Club (NFBC) called "Six Mega Trends and the future of Bicycling in Northeast Florida." Here’s a summary of the main points, courtesy of the City of Jacksonville.

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Can the Tampa Bay Ferry Live After its Trial is Over?

Article by Wiatt Bowers, AICP Cover Image: Ennis Davis, AICP

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2016 TIGER Grant Award Winners Announced

2016 TIGER Grant award winners announced! Did your city win?

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The Santa Monica Beat: Musings from the West Coast

Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC. highlights Santa Monica, California's successful implementation of creating great street environments.

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Florida's Higher-Speed Rail TOD Takes Shape

Florida will soon feature one of the most advanced passenger rail systems in the United States. While the concept of higher-speed passenger rail in Florida has made national headlines, the fact that AAF is also developing dynamic mobility-centric urban centers of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around...

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Is Your Next Bus Driver A Computer?

Local Motors Debuts "Olli", a self-driving, 12-passenger electric bus in Washington, DC powered by IBM.

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