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Charlotte's LYNX Light Rail: Ten Years Later

2017 will mark the ten year anniversary of the opening of Charlotte's LYNX Blue Line light rail system. The LYNX Blue Line, operating with 10 to 15 minute weekday headways, has largely been credited with stimulating transit oriented development throughout the city. No where is this more evident than...

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UPS Debuts Bike Delivery Service

In an effort to help solve the ever-evolving demands of urban logistics, UPS asks 'what can Brown deliver to you, on a fixie?'

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Black Friday Proves We Have Too Much Damn Parking!

At most big box stores, the parking lots occupy far more land than the stores themselves, and those lots suck up additional resources from our towns.

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Even Quaint Towns Can Be Cutting Edge

Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC. takes a trip to western Massachusetts and highlights affordable, easy-to-implement concepts for enhancing bicycle and pedestrian safety in the public realm.

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Tactical Urbanism Reimagining Nashville's Broadway Ave

Nashville's embrace of temporary urban interventions is producing amazing results that are capturing the imagination of both locals and tourists alike.

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The lost impact of streetcar lines on Riverside

Largely viewed as a city built for the automobile, things were not always this way in Jacksonville. Eight decades have passed since buses replaced streetcars as the city's primary mode of public transportation. As time has moved on, the idea of a sunbelt city being built and developed to accommodate...

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Miami Could Learn a Lot from Bordeaux!

Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC. takes a trip to Bordeaux, France and highlights what Miami can learn from this city when it comes to embracing multimodal transportation initiatives.

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Drive-Throughs & Walkable Communities: Can they Coexist

Debates are ranging across the country concerning drive-throughs and their impact on walkable communities. Many communities have outright banned them. Here's a guest article by Anthony Morando, Esq. LEED AP BD+C of New York's Cuddy & Feder LLP, answering the question if drive-throughs and walkable communities...

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The Mathews Bridge: historic or an expensive relic?

Former Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Public Information Officer Mike Goldman exposes the good, bad and ugly reality behind the past, present and future of Jacksonville's Mathews Bridge.

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Autopsy of Architecture: Where trolleys go to die?

Autopsy of Architecture: Where trolleys go to die and live again.

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