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Maple Street Opening In Riverside? Not So Fast!

Despite eliciting interest, two aging buildings in a prime location remain blighted. Are zoning laws to blame?

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8 big firms hiring you and making jobs near Town Center

The headline may have grabbed your attention but Jacksonville's Southside is much more than St. John Town Center. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 22,800 jobs were added in the Jacksonville area between April 2015 and April 2016. Now more are on the way and a good share of them are...

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Baptist Health Plans Massive Downtown Expansion

Baptist Health is planning a massive redevelopment of its downtown Jacksonville medical campus.

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Lofts, restaurants, bars & more proposed for Riverside

The concept of live, work and playing in Jacksonville's urban core continues to increase in popularity. In Riverside/Avondale, this means another round of potential commercial and mixed-use projects are in need of rezonings, zoning exceptions and administrative deviations to be able to move their plans...

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Hyperion Brewing Company Coming to Springfield

Modern Cities has been notified by that Jacksonville's next craft brewery will be coming to Springfield's 8th & Main Streets.

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Downtown on the verge of a development boom?

So you think nothing is happening in downtown Jacksonville? If so, you should reconsider. Downtown is on the verge of its largest multi-family infill development boom in decades. 1,279 residential units could be under construction in the downtown proper by the end of the year. takes...

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Is More Retail Coming to Brooklyn?

Plans are in the works to bring more retail space to Brooklyn's Riverside Avenue. This time, a road could be going away to make it happen.

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Red Grange and the Chicago Bears Barnstorm to Jax

Ken Bowen, the author of Big League City: 100 Years of Football in Jacksonville, shares the story of Jacksonville's first professional football game.

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Urban Construction Update - July 2016

Major construction projects have returned to the landscape of Jacksonville's urban core. Find out where (and more) as we take a brief look at the status of various developments under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville during the month of July 2016.

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