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How Governments Outlaw Affordable Housing

The production of housing is one of the most regulated and micro-managed industries in the industrialized world, and attempting to meet the needs of renters and buyers continues to be guided by the prerogatives of land-use laws instead of a response to market demand.

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Macy’s Looking To Monetize Unused Parking Lots

Struggling retailer sees opportunities to improve shopping experience by activating empty parking lots.

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The Next Baby Boom: Urban Millennials with Children

Affordable urban living for millennial families with children has the potential to become one of the largest market demands in the near future.

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Top 5 Retail Shopping Center Trends

As the face of retail continues to evolve, tremendous opportunity exists for out-of-the-box concepts and creative retail strategies.

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5 Creative Strategies for Increasing Affordable Housing

Strong Towns shares five stories that showcase creative strategies for increasing affordable housing.

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5 Ways to Access and Support Local Food

If you wanted to eat only locally-produced food for a month, could you? In most towns, the answer is probably "no." Below are five ways to shift the dial in the direction of "yes."

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A New Kind of Artist Housing Is Changing Neighborhoods

Shared ownership model of artist housing transforming Indianapolis blocks from vacant to vibrant as artists and developer teamed up to develop affordable housing for working creative professionals.

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Target Enters The Urban Market To Boost Lagging Sales

Struggling Minneapolis-based retailer is thinking big by betting on a small store, urban revolution.

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Expect Strong 2017 Commercial and Multifamily Market

Survey: Commercial and Multifamily Originators Expect Strong, Steady Market in 2017.

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Financial Priorities: Spending on Stadiums vs. Schools

Is it time to re-evaluate the amount of public money utilized to subsidize sports stadiums at the expense of other community needs? The editorial team at FormSwift believes so. With that in mind, FormSwift shares an easy-to-digest, user-friendly resource to begin learning about the misplaced spending...

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