12 amazing restaurants opening in downtown

March 2, 2017

Downtown's culinary scene appears to be kicking into overdrive. Here are 12 phenomenal restaurants, craft breweries and bars on their way to downtown.

9. The Happy Grilled Cheese

Anthony Hashem, the self-proclaimed 'Sultan of all Things Cheesy' behind popular The Happy Grilled Cheese food truck, is opening his first brick and mortar location in downtown Jacksonville within just a few short weeks.  Downtown diners will be able to enjoy a full menu of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and melts at the former location of Folk Food at 219 North Hogan Street.


10. Kazu Sushi Burrito

David Chen is expanding his rapidly growing Kazu Sushi Burrito fast casual restaurant concept into downtown Jacksonville at 117 West Adams Street. Sushi burritos, are oversized, hand-held sushi rolls wrapped in seaweed (instead of a tortilla) that take on the appearance and enjoy the hand-held portability of a burrito. Kazu Sushi Burrito offers a menu with both Hawaiian and Japanese influences, offering fully customizable poke burritos, bowls and salads.  Kazu Sushi Burrito expects to open in March 2017.

For more information: http://www.moderncities.com/article/2017-feb-kazu-sushi-burrito-opening-downtown

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