Tactical Urbanism Reimagining Nashville's Broadway Ave

November 1, 2016

Nashville's embrace of temporary urban interventions is producing amazing results that are capturing the imagination of both locals and tourists alike.

Nashville has enjoyed explosive growth over the past two decades, and forward-thinking actions that will continue to make Nashville an attractive place to live, work and start a business are critical to its continued success as a modern city. http://www.moderncities.com/article/2016-mar-tactical-urbanism-leading-to-long-term-changes-in-indy "> Just as in the case of tactical urbanism experiments in Indianapolis’ Monument Circle, finding ways to actively engage everyday users through temporary urban interventions has a way of creating local champions for long-term infrastructure projects.  It is a positive sign that Nashville officials are embracing a collaborative, bottom-up approach in order to find solutions for its diverse and growing metropolitan area.

Article by Mike Field

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