7 buildings that don't look as good as they once did

November 29, 2016

Be careful the next time you curse a building as a bad piece of architecture. Sometimes looks aren't always what they seem. Here's seven downtown Jacksonville buildings that have been modified beyond recognition. With a little hope, maybe it's not too late to restore a few back to their original grandeur.

6. Arnold Edwards Building

129 West Adams Street

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In 1924, 129 West Adams Street was completed to serve as a new location for the Arnold-Edwards Piano Company.  During the 1950s, the first floor of the three-story building was occupied by Eastman Kodak and Lahn's dress store.  Although, a flat surface covering the front facade's upper level windows has been installed, the initials of Eastman Kodak still remain along the building's roofline.

The Arnold Edwards Building today

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