Tactical Urbanism Leading To Long Term Changes In Indy

March 9, 2016

Article by Michael Field


Compiled by Big Car Collaborative/Spark staff using data from visitor surveys (519 respondents) and from game renters (1,462) — Aug. 1-Oct. 16, 2015.

More than 45,000 visitors enjoyed Spark programming or seating over the 11 weeks

Spark offered more than 300 human-scale program opportunities

Spark  employed 125 artists and worked with more than 50 cultural and business partners

Monument Circle business owners reported up to a 20% increase in sales during Spark

Average reported increase time spent at the Circle because of Spark
• 85% more time spent at the Circle because of Spark
• Time spent ranged from 30 minutes to one hour. (Only three people reported spending less time on the circle because of Spark).

Time visitors spent at Spark:

-30 minutes to an hour (38%)

-More than an hour (37%)

-15 to 30 minutes (20%)

-Just passing through (6%)

Spark visitor home breakdown (of 1,975 visitors asked for zip codes)

63% of came from Indianapolis

20% from the six-county suburban region surrounding the city (Hamilton County 6%, Hendricks County 5%, Johnson County 3%)

6% from elsewhere in Indiana

10% percent from out of state

2% from outside of America

Spark encouraged nearly three times the amount of people to sit outside on Monument Circle.

• On a typical good-weather Wednesday, lunchtime before and after Spark, less than 50 people sat outside around Monument Circle. During Spark, the average — on days with good weather — was 145.

• On Sundays, before an after Spark, about 12 people sat outside at lunchtime on Monument Circle on nice days. During Spark, the average was 44.

How people traveled to Monument Circle:

-Walking (41 %)

-Motor vehicle (Not in a carpool) (36 %)

-Bicycle (10 %)

-Motor vehicle (In a carpool) (9 %)

-Public Transit (4 %)

47 percent said Spark was what brought them back to Monument Circle

Why? Top 3 answers

1. The number of people

2. The visibility

3. The variety of activities

85%  of visitors had a conversation with someone new at Spark, 30% of them reporting that they don’t usually talk with people they don’t know.

24% of people visited Spark alone or 76% in groups.

Top Spark activities (some not listed)

Game Rentals (61 %)

Music/sound art (25 %)

Wagon of Wonders (23 %)

Bookmobile (9 %)

Ask-an-Expert (8 %)

Theme Walk (4 %)

Top 5 programming improvements visitors enjoyed (ranked in order):

Game rentals

Free events

Family friendly activities

Cultural experiences

Everyday activities

Article by Mike Field

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