The Fifty Best Food Trucks In The US

January 15, 2017

Walk up to the fifty best mobile kitchens in the US. These food truckers stand out by serving excellent food, curbside.

Charlotte, NC

Bleu Barn Bistro

Image Credit: Bleu Barn Bistro

The Bleu Barn Bistro embraces a forward-thinking farm-to-truck cuisine that highlights the flavors grown and raised in North Carolina. While the farmhouse burger is always a crowd favorite, try the spicy goat grilled cheese – garlic-chive goat cheese, swiss cheese, hot pepper jelly and mixed greens pressed on honey whole wheat bread. Pair it with a side of fire roasted beets – red and gold roasted beets tossed in an Asian glaze.

Image Credit: Bleu Barn Bistro

Minneapolis, MN

Hot Indian Foods

Image Credit: Hot Indian Foods

What is really interesting about this Twin Cities-based food truck is that they offer a very approachable introduction to Indian foods by featuring a menu based on what they call ‘Indurritos’. As the name suggest, the Indurrito stuffs Indian food into a burrito concoction wrapped in roti (instead of a tortilla). Try the lamb Indurrito – braised, shredded lamb rubbed with Indian spices and mixed with a juicy channa masala.  

Image Credit: Hot Indian Foods

Butcher Salt

Image Credit: Butcher Salt

Jean Huter came from a long line of chefs. Her parents owned restaurants in the Twin Cities and her grandparents owned a KFC franchise. While she does the Colonel’s secret recipe, Butcher Salt is no fast food retread- not even close. This truck vows to ‘season the day’ all over Minneapolis. Try the Topped Browns-  a heaping order of hash browns, bacon, rosemary, sautéed peppers and onions, tomatoes, melted pepper jack cheese and topped with an over easy egg. Whether you are suffering through a cold Minnesota winter or a sweltering summer, Butcher Salt has a way to adjust your internal temperature at just the right setting.

Image Credit: Tricia Cornell / Heavy Table

Washington, DC


Image Credit: Pepe

Chef Jose Andres has taken the Washington, DC culinary world by storm with a portfolio of restaurants such as the likes of America Eats Tavern and China Chilcano. Pepe Food Truck is his latest offering featuring authentic Spanish sandwiches made with premium ingredients and served on locally-baked Panorama Bakery bread. The Butifarra burger-esque concoction is a fan favorite, but the real star of the show is the Pepito de Iberico. At $20, this is quite possibly the most expensive sandwich served on any food truck in the country. Featuring seared Iberico pork and Serrano ham (did we mention premium ingredients?) with roasted green peppers, caramelized onions and an addicting aioli, this sandwich is worth each of the 2,000 pennies you’ll fork over for the pleasure of trying it.

Image Credit: Pepe

St Paul, MN

Tot Boss

Image Credit: Tot Boss

Did somebody seriously open a food truck based on tater tots? First off, Tot Boss is not the creation of your cafeteria lunch lady. In fact, proprietor Dan Docken was actually a cabinet maker. Try their spin on a Minnesota favorite, the Tater Tot Hotdish – a casserole of ground beef, gooey cheese, corn, green beans, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup as well as the ubiquitous golden fried tater tots. Wow!

Image Credit: Tot Boss

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