The Fifty Best Food Trucks In The US

January 15, 2017

Walk up to the fifty best mobile kitchens in the US. These food truckers stand out by serving excellent food, curbside.


Image Credit: Snowday

First off, this food truck is run by an organization called Drive Change that employs formerly incarcerated youth serving as a mobile classroom that equips these young men and women with the skills to live a meaningful and productive life. Secondly, they embrace the farm to fork movement. But most importantly, Maple-syrup grilled cheese! This delicacy uses fresh-baked sourdough bread drizzeled with white cheddar cheese and pure maple syrup (all sourced locally). Lord have mercy!

Image Credit: Snowday

Portland, OR

Bing Mi

Image Credit: Steven Shomier

This food cart introduces a Chinese delicacy to the streets of Portland. Try the jian bing- black bean paste, chili sauce, pickled vegetables, green onion, cilantro, sausage and crunchy wonton cracker in a savory and thin crepe.  

Image Credit: Portland Monthly

Austin, TX

We’ll admit the skepticism walking up to the bright, shiny trailer… are the donuts really this life-changing or is it just good PR? Skepticism quickly evaporated and life transcended into a strange doughy bliss. Go for lunch and try the mother clucker- a large, glazed donut base topped with slightly spicy and perfectly golden brown fried chicken doused with honey butter.

Image Credit: Gourdough's

Little Rock, AR

Southern Salt Food Company

Image Credit: Southern Salt Food Company

This food trailer in Little Rock that looks like a miniature, vintage street car combines southern comfort food with Asian fare. Of all the unique culinary combinations in the food truck world, Southern Salt Food Company may just take the prize for being the most unusual. The menu constantly changes, but if you are lucky enough to see the pho burger on the chalkboard.. order it – a juicy burger topped with a fried egg, jalapeno, Thai basil, pickled cabbage & sunflower sprouts and a mixture of hoisin and sambal.

Image Credit: Southern Salt Food Company

Oklahoma City, OK

The Loaded Bowl

Image Credit: The Loaded Bowl

The Loaded Bowl serves vegan comfort food on the streets of Oklahoma City, a city that is rapidly becoming a cultural and culinary destination. Vegans and non-Vegans alike rave about this truck, and with good reason. Their cashew mac n cheese rivals the best non-vegan mac n cheese we’ve ever had. Try the Garfield – truck-made lasagna layered with squash, creamy cashew cheese, tofu ricotta and spinach and covered in organic marinara. This vegan lasagna is also accompanied by a side of grilled vegetables and garlic bread.

Image Credit: The Loaded Bowl

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