The Fifty Best Food Trucks In The US

January 15, 2017

Walk up to the fifty best mobile kitchens in the US. These food truckers stand out by serving excellent food, curbside.

Phoenix, AZ


Image Credit: Jambarritos

Jamburritos is a mashup of Cajun takes on Mexican favorites. Try the chicken jamburrito, which is basically a traditional jambalaya in burrito form- chicken etouffee, jambalaya rice with smoked andouille sausage, creole sauce, shredded monterey jack cheese and lettuce wrapped in a warm tortilla.

Image Credit: Jambarritos

Emerson Fry Bread

Image Credit: Emerson Fry Bread

Many irrelevantly dub frybread as ‘Indian Tacos’, but that does a huge disservice to this heavenly Native American delicacy. Try the daisey- Navajo style grilled flat bread folded and filled with carne asada, cheese, field greens and pico de gallo. Emerson Fry Bread is the definition of modernly authentic cuisine.

Image Credit: Emerson Fry Bread

Houston, TX

Flip N Patties

Image Credit: Flip N Patties

Why did it take more than 100 years for a combination of Filipino food and burgers to go mainstream, stateside (sorry Jollibee, we mean good Filipino food)? The answer is irrelevant when one steps up to Flip N Patties. Try the puet burger- truffle patty, smoked pork butt, sauteed onions, provolone, spicy mayo and special sauce served on a steamed Asian bun.

Image Credit: Flip N Patties

Monster PBJ

Image Credit: Monster PBJ

To include a food truck that has the audacity to serve nothing but peanut butter and jelly-inspired sandwiches must mean that these PB&Js; are out of this world, right? The simple answer is, hell yes! The menu is simple: pick how many slices of bread you want (one, two or three), choose from three different kinds of nut butters, pick from one of seven kinds of fruit and one of five different kinds of locally-made jams. Insider’s tip: If you don’t order the sandwich grilled, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Image Credit: Monster PBJ

Churasco Truck

Image Credit: Churasco Truck

In a sea of Tex-mex, a mobile truck serving Brazilian churrasco serves as an oasis of flavor in Houston. Try the meatlovers sandwich- top sirloin, parmesa pork sirloin and Brazilian sausage with fresh veggies and sprinkled with chimichurri sauce.

Image Credit: Yelp user Scott S

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