Discovering the Atlanta you probably didn't know

December 8, 2016

Atlanta is known for a lot of things but being a historically pedestrian scale city is not one of them. However, an explosion in growth since 1950, that has lead to the metropolis sprawling across much of Georgia, can give off a quite deceiving impression.

Peachtree Corridor

Located 1/4-mile north of Five Points, Peachtree Center developed as an independent district of convention hotels, office buildings and shopping centers during the 1970s.  Many of its structures were designed by Atlanta architect John C. Portman, Jr. and embody the modern architectural style, which was popular during the 1970s.  A defining feature of Peachtree Center is its network of sky bridges resulting in its insular orientation of uses. As a result, the district has been criticized over the years for turning its back to pedestrian street activity.

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