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Self storage building proposed for Brooklyn's gateway

Elder is a name that has historically been affiliated with the moving and storage business in Jacksonville and now downtown's Elder Street may soon have a self storage building of its own.

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Changing Jacksonville: Then and Now

An interesting comparison of 1943 and 2016 aerials illustrating the impact of expressways penetrating through various Jacksonville neighborhoods and districts.

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Jacksonville: 16 then and now snapshots in time

16 then and now shots of Florida's first major city: Jacksonville.

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Springfield: Jacksonville's Next Inner City Boomtown?

Named after a spring that once flowed near present day West 4th Street, Springfield was initially advertised as a planned suburb of Jacksonville in 1871 by John H. Norton, one of the city's first professional developers.

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Breweries Coming To Springfield, But Are They Legal?

Booming industry offers hope to revitalize older, urban neighborhoods, but a fight brewing over outdated zoning laws reveal just why these neighborhoods have languished for decades.

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Edgewood Avenue No Longer on the Edge of Development

New businesses are starting to form clusters in Murray Hill, but infrastructure changes are needed to connect the dots.

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5 free food and beverage tasting tours you'll love

If you're looking for an interesting and affordable way to spend a day in the First Coast, here's a few places offering complimentary food and beverage tours and tastings.

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Urban Construction Update - August 2016

Major construction projects have returned to the landscape of Jacksonville's urban core. Find out where (and more) as we take a brief look at the status of various developments under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville during the month of August 2016.

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Streetcar tracks uncovered under Springfield's Main St

For years, many have believed that the rails of Florida's largest early 20th century streetcar system were removed and scrapped decades ago. A recent discovery of intact Main Street Railway streetcar tracks, suggests Jacksonville simply paved over parts of the system.

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