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An American Urban Anomaly: New Orleans

Haven't been to New Orleans in a while? Don't worry, we have you covered. Here's a brief photo tour of the urban core of one of the country's most beautiful cities.

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Asheville Bound: A Glimpse of Perfection

Melissa Hege, AICP of South Florida-based Melissa Hege City Planning LLC. takes a trip to Asheville, NC and shares what she learned about implementing smart and subtle, yet affordable urban design solutions.

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The South's 14 must-visit food halls

Here's a list of the best food halls around, if you find yourself in the South and in need of a bite to eat.

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4 little known facts about Ft Lauderdale we should know

A major tourist destination and yachting center with 165 miles of canals, Fort Lauderdale is known for several things. Being called a walkable city is not one of them. In 2003, the city launched a plan which specified design and density standards to encourage the development of a pedestrian-friendly...

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Walkable Suburbanism: Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto is thought to be one of the most educated and expensive cities in the United States. It is a diverse community; with a mixture of old and new and a vibrant pedestrian friendly core. Palo Alto is also the location of Stanford University and is considered to be the “birth place of the Silicon...

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These Are The Newest Food Halls You Need To Visit

Food halls have enjoyed a popular resurgence in popular food culture. While places like Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market, Seattle's Pikes Place Market and San Francisco's Ferry Building have long been the flag bearers for US food halls, new players are redefining the category. Here is a look at...

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These Night Markets Are Lighting Up Cities

As farmers markets and food truck rallies now seemingly pop up everywhere, a new nocturnal trend has recharged the street food scene and illuminated the rich potential hidden in long-forgotten neighborhoods across the US. Inspired by the late-night street markets found in many Asian cities, more and...

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