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Infrastructure as Permaculture

Can our paved grid of roads and sidewalks evolve into an ecology of functions that benefit both residents and the environment?

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The (Place) Doctor Will See You Now

How a small town in Oregon used a data-driven, analytical approach towards putting policies in place to increase their economic and environmental resiliency.

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Gentrification: A perspective from a long time resident

This article by Dr. Tim Gilmore of explores the redevelopment of Jacksonville's Brooklyn neighborhood from the perspective of long time resident Les Paul Garner.

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Gainesville Turns Abandoned Industrial Hub Into Park

Gainesville turns contaminated land into a contemporary public greenspace to serve as the city's “Central Park".

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From Parking Lot To World-Class Public Space In Tulsa

The George Kaiser Family Foundation shares the story of Guthrie Green: an amazing transformation of a contaminated truck loading facility in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma into a vibrant urban park that showcases the best of modern-day “green” technology.

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5 Resources for Ending Parking Minimums

Whether you're a city staffer, nonprofit leader or just a strong citizen who cares, there's something you can do to advocate for an end to parking minimums in your town. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

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New Urbanism 15 years later: The aging of Baldwin Park

Faced with the reality of its Navy base being closed for good, the City of Orlando utilized the bad news as an opportunity to create an infill 1,100-acre new urbanist community within five miles from its downtown core. Here's a look at how Baldwin Park has matured after 15 years of development.

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Charlotte: An emerging walkable modern-day megalopolis

Named in honor of German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and incorporated in 1768, Charlotte is a city that has undergone dramatic change over the last decade.

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Is your HBCU still relevant in the 21st century?

An editorial by Britney Broussard that questions if African American students who now have the choice of going to college would choose a Historically Black College or not. And if they could have another chance at college would they make the same decision?

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