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Expect Strong 2017 Commercial and Multifamily Market

Survey: Commercial and Multifamily Originators Expect Strong, Steady Market in 2017.

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Financial Priorities: Spending on Stadiums vs. Schools

Is it time to re-evaluate the amount of public money utilized to subsidize sports stadiums at the expense of other community needs? The editorial team at FormSwift believes so. With that in mind, FormSwift shares an easy-to-digest, user-friendly resource to begin learning about the misplaced spending...

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Poor Neighborhoods Make the Best Investments

Charles Marohn of Strong Towns breaks down why poor neighborhoods are profitable while the affluent neighborhoods are not, and makes the case as to why investing in the poor neighborhoods realizes the most bang for the buck for cities.

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Artist Displacement and the Resurgence of Cities

Camron Bridgford of DenverUrbanism disescts the affordable housing crisis that has led to the rapid displacement of artists in urban centers across the United States.

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How Renters Can Be Neighborhood Advocates

37% of all American residents rent their homes and yet the voice of renters is often underrepresented in local decision-making.

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A Changing Neighborhood Is Not an Unstable One

The difference between stability and sameness and allowing a city to change.

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The Boxyard Igniting Retail Spark In Downtown Tulsa

Innovative retail center constructed from repurposed shipping containers activates an empty lot, looks to spark a retail revival in downtown Tulsa.

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The “Missing Middle” Affordable Housing Solution

Karen Parolek discusses the "Missing Middle" that is too often overlooked in discussions about affordable housing.

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Five Low Cost Ideas to Make Your City Wealthier

Charles Marohn, the Founder and President of Strong Towns, shares five low cost initiatives that every city across the country should prioritize.

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How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Your Town

A strong town needs strong local businesses. Local businesses provide jobs and opportunities for wealth creation. They can become a draw, encouraging visitors from outside your community, as well as a way for community members to support each other by buying local. Only with a thriving locally-based...

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